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The crocadog is a species in the Jak and Daxter universe, only appearing in Jak II. Jak owned one as a young child, which was referred to as an "insufferable mutt"[1] by Kor, possibly due to its implication of being a cross-breed of a crocodile and a dog. It only appeared to take a liking to both young Jak (the kid) and older Jak, acting hostile towards Kor and the Shadow, the latter of whom was afraid of it.

The crocadog mostly resembles a dog, but also has crocodilian/reptilian traits. While not bearing any fur (save for a small tuft of hair on its head and rows down its back) it has the shape of a small, sturdy canine. It has green skin with yellow markings, but no visible scales, and its tail is thick and quite short. The teeth of the crocadog are more like that of a crocodile: wide, jagged, and sharp. It has a very large head relative to its body, with a large nose and wide eyes.

Crocadogs are loyal to their owners but otherwise hostile towards unfriendly faces. The crocadog in Jak II was able to sense that young Jak and older Jak were the same person, thus displayed companionship with the both of them. It was also able to sense Kor's false humanity. Other than this, however, it exhibited little intelligence.

Behind the scenesEdit

The crocadog may be a reference to Dingodile, another dog-crocodile fusion created by Naughty Dog for their previous series, Crash Bandicoot.


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