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The company van,[1] also known as Ximon's exterminator van,[1] is a large transport zoomer owned by Kridder Ridder and used by Ximon. It is quite large and features two seats on the front, above the engine and has a larger cargo bay in the back with a cage to hold captured bugs.[2] It is notably fast and maneuverable for a zoomer of its size, as seen when Ximon rescued Daxter from the Krimzon Guard at the end of the "Follow that prison zoomer!" mission. Unique is that it is also allowed outside of the standard hover zones, allowing Ximon to fly high above Haven City for example.

Company van concept art

Concept art.

After rescuing Daxter, the van was then used to drop him off at the tanker and several missions later, to pick him up at Haven Palace. Lastly Ximon used it to drop Daxter into the prison from above, with the use of a motorized reel.


Vehicles in the Jak and Daxter series

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