Jak X Combat Racing logo Below is a compiled list of character statistics featuring the age, weight, height, and promotional description of some characters in the Jak and Daxter series.

The physical statistics from the Secrets Shop in Jak X: Combat Racing, from which combat racers could be unlocked, each having their own profile. The promotional descriptions were featured partly on the Jak X official website (now defunct), and in the Prima Games Jak X strategy guide.

This is used as a central reference throughout the wiki.


Character Game Age Weight Height
Jak The Precursor Legacy 15 65.7 kgs (145 lbs) 5'6"
Jak II 17 74.8 kgs (165 lbs) 5'8"
Jak 3 18 79.3 kgs (175 lbs) 5'9"
Jak X: Combat Racing 19 84 kgs [83.9 kgs] (185 lbs) 5'10"
Daxter The Precursor LegacyJak X 15—19 21.7 kgs (48 lbs) (ottsel form) 2'10" (ottsel form)
Ashelin Praxis Jak IIJak X 22—24 65.7 kgs (145 lbs) 6'0"
Razer Jak X: Combat Racing 31 75.7 kgs (167 lbs) 6'2"
Kleiver Jak 3Jak X 50—51 158 kgs (350 lbs) 6'4"
Keira Hagai The Precursor LegacyJak II 14—16 45.3 kgs (100 lbs) 5'6"
Jak 3Jak X 17—18 54.4 kgs (120 lbs) 5'6"
Shiv Jak X: Combat Racing 29 111 kgs (245 lbs) 6'0"
Edje Jak X: Combat Racing 31 120 kgs (265 lbs) 6'2"
Cutter Jak X: Combat Racing 30 116.5 kgs (257 lbs) 6'1
Taryn DaxterJak X 16—18 63.5 kgs (140 lbs) 5'10"
Torn Jak IIJak X 28—30 81.6 kgs (180 lbs) 6'1"
Sig Jak IIJak X 26—28 122.4 kgs (270 lbs) 6'6"
UR-86 Jak IIJak X 1—3 450 lbs 6'6"
Kaeden Daxter 123 232.2 kgs (512 lbs) 5'10" (human form)
Rayn Jak X: Combat Racing 20 61.2 kgs (135 lbs) 5'8"
Mizo / G.T. Blitz Jak X: Combat Racing 38 86.6 kgs (191 lbs) 6'2"
Pecker Jak IIJak X 116—118 19 kgs (42 lbs) 2'8"
Ximon DaxterJak X 20—22 122 lbs 6'3"
Osmo DaxterJak X 85—87 160 lbs 5'4"


Character Description

Jak has fought his way through many adventures over the last few years, and his once youthful face now shows the wear and tear of a hero. Tired of saving the world only to see it thrown back into despair, Jak takes some time to master his favorite sport, vehicle racing.


A long time pilot and supporter of Jak, Ashelin is doing what she loves in this adventure – racing and getting Jak into trouble. Our red bombshell is now a combat driver, and she's ready to mix it up with the boys on the track.


Master mechanic and inventor, Keira is still busy in the garage helping Jak tune his ride to be at its best on the track. But Keira is tired of being just a grease monkey, and she secretly yearns to get Jak's attention once and for all.


The bad-ass Wastelander and metal head hunter is back again, but this time we get to see him mix it up in the cockpit of a racing car! Survival of the fittest is Sig's only creed, and in combat racing this tough guy is in his element.


This once Krimzon Guard captain can now put all of his weapons training to good use on the tracks and in the arenas of combat racing! Torn knows what's at stake, and he stands by his friends through thick and thin. Well, this is as thin as it gets!


This former racing champion, turned street thug is Mizo's top lieutenant and primary enforcer. Razer runs his gang of thugs with a sharp knife's edge, making sure that the crime family gets its cut of all the money flowing into the sport of racing. The gang is rumored to be fixing races and even intimidating drivers and book makers so the Mizo clan can control combat racing from the shadows. But now a new upstart racer named Jak is messing with the odds and winning too many races! To defend their turf, Razer will be forced to put his goggles back on and show Jak who the top driver really is. Win or lose, it will be a race to the death!


This tough Wasteland mercenary is back in town and working for the bad guys once again – what a surprise! Kleiver is a tough adversary who knows how to survive at all costs, especially in the deadly firing lanes of the combat racing circuit.


With steely nerves and lightning quick reactions, UR-86 is the deadliest driver on the circuit. A former KG Death Bot, this bad-to-the-bolts racer holds the record for most kills in a single race. UR-86 knows how to rack up frags fast, and with his tough, sleek exo-skeleton, he won't go down easy. Working for the Mizo racing team, UR-86 can't wait to match wheels with Jak and show how much he loves living things... so he can make them dead!


Born on the streets of Spargus, this former wastelander is now a thug in Mizo's gang, and one of the toughest combat drivers on the Venue. Shiv earned deep respect and fear with his lightning quick moves and surprise kills. The motto "Never turn your back on Shiv!" became a driver mantra as this bad boy worked his way up in the rankings by working the racing field one at a time. His thinking, if someone is ranked higher than me, the best way to move up is to eliminate them from competition...permanently! More than a few drivers have met this fate by being "removed" from the ranks of the living! It's a strategy that has worked in the past, and Shiv plans to use it against Jak as well.


This swift racer knows speed, and knows how to push it to the edge and beyond the limits. Known for his power driving and love of blue turbo, Edje is a hard target to hit because he is so fast. But this tough guy isn't just about nailing the red line; Edje also knows that the best defense is a good offense, so he's developed skills as a mine layer and weapons man as well, making him a real triple threat on the track.


A real enigma on the Mizo team, this masked driver's origins are unknown. Some say Cutter once lived with the Marauders in the icy north. Others say he was born in an insane asylum in Kras City and somehow escaped! Either way, this deranged racer has little empathy for anyone or anything and loves to race just for the kills. Never...I mean never take this one for granted! Cutter has even been seen shooting vehicles after they've crossed the finish line. Keep your guard up at all times when this racer's car is nearby! It's called combat racing for a reason, and Cutter is once of the most crazy dealers of death on the circuit.


Rayn is Krew's daughter, but by all accounts, this apple fell far from the tree. Sensitive, sweet, and even good looking, Rayn is nothing like her father, and it soon becomes clear that she was sent off to boarding school most of her life and shielded from her dad's nasty ways. But sadly Rayn cannot escape Krew's past, and she finds herself entangled in her father's legacy of dark plots and crimes, only to find herself with one alternative—win the Kras City Championship race or face the wrath of Krew's nasty associates. Jak feels sorry for her predicament and offers to help, but blood runs deep, and there is much more to this story that he knows...

G.T. Blitz

The shooting star of his own sports show, and the voice of combat racing, G.T. Blitz is all flash, and even more mouth! This speed talker always has something to say, but from what we can tell he knows a lot more than he's telling. Part glitz-meister, part showman, part racing commissioner, G.T. wants combat racing to be the biggest sport ever, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to achieve this dream. He also has his favorite drivers, and if you're not one of them, look out! G.T. Blitz will be watching all the new upstart drivers to see if they have what it takes to make the crowd scream for more. It’s all showbiz to Blitz, and he wants his show's ratings to soar. If that means racers have to die to get the people watching, so be it!

Samos the Sage

Still as green as ever, Samos the Sage continues to offer Jak his considerable wisdom and advice, only this time it's about how to use eco to race faster and become "one with the track." Samos' extensive world travels come in handy as he offers advice on some of the tracks Jak will be racing on.


Our lovable little ottsel is back, and this time he's ready to race with the hairless ones! Daxter got a small taste of racing in Jak II, but now Orange Lightning is about to get a chance to race for the gold and prove he's the real hero of the demolition duo.


Always looking for a cushy shoulder with power, this time Pecker's wise-cracking color commentary mouth will be put to use on the G.T. Blitz show, and Blitz is not too happy about it. Now the banter and feathres will really fly as Pecker begins to change the show and Blitz gets embarrassed.

Jak I

Ah, the happy, youthful, colorful Jak is back to race in Jak X as a secret character. The first Jak from Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is a real blast from the past – the boy who would be a hero, before he was exposed to dark eco. For fans of the series, Jak is a welcome treat and a fun character to race.

Jak II

Tougher, darker, more heroic in many ways, Jak from Jak II was a turning point evolution for our hero. This Jak learned that the world wasn't always bright rosy and that happy endings weren't always guaranteed


Wearing Mar's golden Precursor armor, Jak from Jak 3 is a seasoned hero, with etched lines on his face that show the many challenges he's overcome, and the many adventures he's had to endure. This Jak is the ultimate evolution of a super hero.


Space hero, gadget guru, robot blaster, Ratchet has had plenty of experience piloting fast vehicles in his adventures, and this Lombax puts those talents to good use on the race tracks of Jak X.

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