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The centurion is an enemy in Jak II. It is a metal head first encountered at the drill platform in the mission "Destroy eggs at drill platform" and later found near Mountain Temple in the consecutive missions "Find lens in Mountain Temple", "Find shard in Mountain Temple", and "Find gear in Mountain Temple".


Centurions are bipedal humanoid metal heads. They are tall, slender, dark red creatures with a blaster mounted on their right arm with a shield on their left arm. A centurion will guard passages and doorways and easily block them off using its shield. If unnoticed, the shield will be turned off. Once an enemy has been detected, it will power its shield and strafe from side to side.

The centurions at the drill platform wield blue shields and require only one hit to defeat, whereas those at Mountain Temple wield purple shields and require two hits to destroy.


The centurion will stay stationary in its position and slowly shuffle from side to side when an enemy appears in front of it. After a short time it will move its shield aside and fire a three-burst attack with its blaster, during which it will be open to enemy attack for a second. Whether attacked or not, it will put up its shield again and repeat this pattern. If an enemy comes too close it will use its shield to bash it.

The key to taking down a centurion is patience, simply wait it out and rely on timing and reflexes to avoid the shots (either by high jump or dodging it) and then return the fire with a well-aimed Blaster shot. You will need to do this twice when fighting one at Mountain Temple, as it has double the health of those at the drill platform. If you have to attack it up close, try and rush it with the Scatter Gun after dodging its attack.