Category:Game manuals includes files of the instruction manuals included with games in the Jak and Daxter series. The file names should follow a consistent format:

  • the natural title of the game (e.g. "The Precursor Legacy", "Jak II", etc.);[a]
  • the word "manual";
  • the region in parentheses (e.g. "(NTSC-UC)", "(PAL)", etc.);[b]
  • the console in parentheses if the game was released on multiple platforms (e.g. "(PS2)", "(PSP)", "(Vita)", etc.)

All manuals should be in PDF format both to contain the manual in a single, sequentially readable file, as well as to maintain a lower file size. Wikia has a file size limit of 10 MB, thus the manuals will also sometimes have to be downscaled, compressed, and in some rarer cases truncated.

If the original, full resolution, uncompressed, complete versions are available, they should be stored in PSD format or some other non-compressing container format on the wiki's official archive. In this case, make sure to indicate as such in the other versions parameter in the file's infobox.

Note: The following game manuals are the only ones still absent from the wiki:

  • The Precursor Legacy (NTSC-J KR)
  • Jak II (NTSC-J KR)
  • Jak 3 (NTSC-J KR)
  • The Lost Frontier (PAL) (PS2)
  • The Lost Frontier (NTSC-J KR) (PSP)
  • Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PAL) (PS3)
  • Jak and Daxter Trilogy (PAL) (Vita)
  • Jak II (PS4)
  • Jak 3 (PS4)


  1. However, if there is a discrepancy in the game's title per region, as in Jak II: Renegade or Jak X (PAL) versus Jak II and Jak X: Combat Racing (NTSC-U/C), respectfully, the full titles should be reflected in the file name.
  2. File names do not allow slashes as in "U/C", thus "UC" is suitable. For PS3 releases and newer, region codes are outdated, so use "(America)", "(Europe)", etc.

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