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The citadel bunny[1] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy, only found in Gol and Maia's citadel, with its snow variant only found in Snowy Mountain. They have purple-blue fur and small horns with, for its size, large powerful feet and small, useless arms. They appear to be created artificially en masse from three machines inside the citadel, until the machines are stopped by destroying the nearby generators. Jak can use the nearby red and yellow eco vents to push his way through them.

Snow bunnyEdit

Snow bunny

The snow variant

The snow bunny[2] the snow variant of normal citadel bunnies found at Gol and Maia's citadel only found in Snowy Mountain. With their light-blue skin they easily blend in with their snowy environment.

They have large blue legs and tiny horns and hop around like rabbits. Use anything to defeat them, however, while channeling red eco they cannot jump over Jak, as they would have been able to normally. Jak had to fight his way through a large number of these in the "Survive the lurker-infested cave" mission.


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