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The bully,[1] also known as the spinning lurker,[2] is an enemy in The Precursor Legacy. They were only found in pool hubs at the lost Precursor city.

They appear to be very similar to bone armor lurkers, having blue skin and bone armor, but are much more shorter and stouter. They are enclosed in a wooden cage that is spiked, which they use to inflict harm on intruders by spinning around in circles.

The only way to destroy these lurkers is to jump and dive (X+Square), attacking their vulnerable spot on top of their cage, not supported by any formidable structure or defensive spikes. It is easier to destroy these lurkers when they are stationary, as they pause for a moment out of dizziness after spinning for about ten seconds. Finding the opportunity to strike can be difficult, however, due to them always being grouped together.


Enemies from the Jak and Daxter series

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