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During Jak II, a lurker merchant named Brutter owned a trinket stand in the western Bazaar in Haven City. Jak visited here two times for the "Rescue lurkers for Brutter" missions, the first time which he received from Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon but concluded at the stand.

The trinket stand was a small structure located in a somewhat secluded corner of the Bazaar. The stand had a large fish decoration on the roof, along with other dead fish produce around the area. The roof also had a large sign reading "fish" in Precursor text, as well as other interior signs reading "fresh fish", "good soup", "cheap", and "good".

After the fall of the Palace in Jak 3, the trinket stand was destroyed as resurgent metal head groups attacked the westside and claimed it as Metal Head city. Additionally, Brutter eventually became the captain of the New Krimzon Guard, at which point he is presumed to have left his trinket stand.