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Bring coordinate sphere back to the galleon is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After exiting the old Aeropan barracks, Jak receives a distress call from Klout, who says the Phantom Blade is under attack from an automated defense system, which has destroyed the galleon's engines. Phoenix asks Jak to take down the turrets and missiles as the Blade is unable to retreat.


Before you begin the mission, consider restarting from the pause menu to enter the ship modification menu, in case you have higher quality but unequipped weapons or mods in your possession. If not, consider spending scrap to buy some or upgrade your current load-out.

The turrets, your targets, come in two varieties: large laser turrets that solely target the Phantom Blade, and small anti-air turrets that target you, the latter being positioned on the back and front of each turret platform. Go after the anti-air turrets first to avoid taking damage, ideally at such an angle so that they cannot shoot back, then proceed to destroy the large ones. During all this make sure to watch out for other enemy planes, a few groups will appear now and then.

Once all laser turrets are down the platform will launch a large missile, which you will automatically grapple onto with Daxter, who has to take it down via daxterjacking. Follow the on-screen button prompts to disable the automated guidance system and then steer the warhead into the turret platform, dodging the aerial mines it launches as a defense. This act will then have to be repeated two more times, with the platforms appearing with more turrets and the missiles becoming progressively harder each time.