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The Aeropan Heavy Bomber (more commonly referred to as just the Bomber) is a plane in The Lost Frontier. Originally belonging to the Aeropans, pirate leader Captain Phoenix eventually stole this heavy bomber in gratitude to Jak for quelling a dark mutant invasion at Far Drop.[1]

It was made available to him following the "Point Beyond the Brink" cutscene after the mission "Bring supplies to the galleon", wherein Jak was made both an honorary pirate and official helmsman of the Phantom Blade. It was the first of two ex-Aeropan planes Jak would acquire, the other being the Interceptor.


Bomber concept art

Concept art of the Bomber.

The Bomber has a sleek, short, but very wide profile, typical of a real bomber, almost qualifying as a flying wing aircraft were it not for its short tails on either side (which forms into an engine) and barely-visible fuselage. It has a very minimal cockpit with two weapon barrels on either side. It has a primarily gray color, with purple trim and a few accentually golden-colored parts.


Bomber customization menu

The Bomber's customization menu.

Equipped with three ground attack rocket slots, the most of any of Jak's planes, and some of the heaviest armor, the Bomber is one of the best choices for heavy assault on Aeropan transports or airfights against the ACS Behemoth. However, its mediocre amount of weapon slots, in combination with its lack of nimbleness and slow speed, means it should not be used in time-sensitive missions, high-action dogfights, or operations requiring good maneuverability.