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Howdy, friends! Enjoyin' my beautiful swamp? I own these here parts. Everything that doesn't sink into the mud, that is! He he ha ha hah aha!
— Boggy Billy, The Precursor Legacy

Boggy Billy is a character in The Precursor Legacy. He lives in and owns Boggy Swamp. Billy's closest companion is a hip-hog named Farthy, who fled after lurkers invaded the swamp. Billy attempted to coax Farthy back to his hut by laying out his favorite snacks, but swarms of swamp rats continually ate them. Jak and Daxter aid Billy by fending off the rats by harnessing yellow eco. Once the rats are defeated, Farthy returns, and Billy gives Jak a power cell for his effort.

Boggy Billy has the stereotypical mannerisms of a hillbilly, and it is revealed in conversation that he has no concept of bathing. His clothes are scrappy and poorly fitting, with a small vest, a pair of half broken overalls and a frayed hat that covers his eyes. His clothing contributes to his overall disheveled appearance. He also wields a jug holding some sort of drinkable liquid.