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Style set Corresponding Eco Cup
Kras Standard — (default)
Haven Laminate Red Eco Cup
Spargus Ceramic Green Eco Cup
Hybrid Array Blue Eco Cup
Specialty Polyarb Yellow Eco Cup

Body parts are the specific parts of your race car that you can modify in Jak X: Combat Racing, including the front and rear fenders, front and rear bumpers, side panels, roof panel, hood, trunk, and wheels. There are five different style sets, each body part having a style corresponding with each set. You accumulate all of the body parts in a single set over the course of its corresponding Eco Cup (see adjacent table), though you start with a full Kras Standard set by default.

Various car accessories (such as antennae and helmets) and a number of different wheel styles can also be bought via the secrets shop.

Body parts do not upgrade your vehicle in any way, therefore modifying them is entirely optional. Aside from the wheels, it is possible to go without any body parts, meaning you will be racing on a chassis mounted with the engine and other necessary mechanical parts.

Body partsEdit

Below is a table detailing the race track of the location of the event type required to win for each body part style.

Style set Location Race track Event type
Front fenders
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Haven City Forbidden Jungle Freeze Rally
Spargus Ceramic Kras City Kras City Turbo Dash
Hybrid Array Kras City Waterfront Loop Death Race
Specialty Polyarb Kras City Seaport Strip Rush Hour
Rear fenders
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Icelands Mountaintop Highway Turbo Dash
Spargus Ceramic Kras City Waterfront Loop Freeze Rally
Hybrid Array Spargus City Canyon Run Circuit Race
Specialty Polyarb Kras City Mar Coliseum Artifact Race
Front bumper
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Kras City Mar Coliseum Deathmatch
Spargus Ceramic Icelands Frozen Speedway Circuit Race
Hybrid Array Kras City Seaport Strip Turbo Dash
Specialty Polyarb Icelands Mountaintop Highway Circuit Race
Rear bumper
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Spargus City Spargus City Death Race
Spargus Ceramic Spargus City Wasteland Isle Deathmatch
Hybrid Array Spargus City Spargus City Turbo Dash
Specialty Polyarb Kras City Kras City Rush Hour
Side panels
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Icelands Icebound Citadel Death Race
Spargus Ceramic Haven City Clifftop Battlefield Sport Hunt
Hybrid Array Haven City Northern Tour Circuit Race
Specialty Polyarb Haven City Atoll Arena Deathmatch
Roof panel
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Icelands Timberline Track Rush Hour
Spargus Ceramic Haven City Haven City Circuit Race
Hybrid Array Icelands Timberline Track Circuit Race
Specialty Polyarb Spargus City Wasteland Isle Capture
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Kras City Loading Docks Death Race
Spargus Ceramic Spargus City Canyon Run Rush Hour
Hybrid Array Kras City Dirt Stadium Capture
Specialty Polyarb Kras City Dethdrome Turbo Dash
Kras Standard Starting item
Haven Laminate Spargus City Spargus City Freeze Rally
Spargus Ceramic Haven City Forbidden Jungle Death Race
Hybrid Array Icelands Ice Pit Deathmatch
Specialty Polyarb Spargus City Beachfront Drive Rush Hour
Standard Vulcanised Starting item
Compound Mesh Starting item
Baldwinite Patent Haven City Clifftop Battlefield Artifact Race
Kionetix Systems Spargus City Precursor Temple Circuit Race
Omi Industries Haven City Sewer Raceway Circuit Race
Eco Ultra Light III Haven City Forbidden Jungle Circuit Race
Kraswerk Alloy Kras City Kras City Death Race
Ottsel Supremes Kras City Dirt Stadium Artifact Race
Lock-nut Lems Spargus City Beachfront Drive Rush Hour
Spin Meister Fives Kras City Seaport Strip Death Race
Mud-Pi R-Squareds Haven City Sewer Raceway Freeze Rally
Gyro Monsters Haven City Waterworks Circuit Death Race

Bonus partsEdit


Wheels Price
Scherr-tech Spinners 10,000
Triple Cast Ferrites 15,000
Blitz RPMs 15,000
Vello-Flow Lamenants 20,000
Vortex Dreads 20,000
Quad-spun Air-plates 20,000
EDA Road Eaters 25,000
Magnesium Trifolds 25,000
Spinworx Heavy Metal 25,000
Depleted Uratrax 25,000


Helmet Price
Ottsel Cranium 16,000
Haven Skullcap 32,000
Spargus Sandmask 48,000
Marauder Lip Bomb 56,000
Krais Brain Bucket 80,000
Grey Matter Hatter 96,000


Antenna Price
Pennant Antenna 8,000
Metalhead trophy 16,000
Precursor Orb 24,000
Daxter Head 32,000
Clank Head 40,000
Furry Dice 48,000

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