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Board the pirate galleon is a mission in The Lost Frontier. After retrieving the velonium power pod to fix the Hellcat, Jak and Daxter left the island and encountered the Phantom Blade, the flagship galleon of the Sky Pirates. They subsequently engaged in aerial combat in order to forcefully board it.


The galleon is armed with several small turrets on the deck, stern, and wings. They are the most common threat, but are restricted in their movement, so use the bulk of the Blade to your advantage while engaging other targets. Your first objective is to take down the propellers near the bottom of the ship. To do so most effectively you must brake (Square) while targeting them with your reticle, then bombarding them with your new lock-on missiles (L1). Use the Punisher (L1) as well for more damage. During these assaults you will be repeatedly targeted by pirate Sky Raider fighters, which do not pose much of a threat but if a group of three gains a lock on you it is recommended to maneuver lest you sustain heavy damage.

After the propellers, the main thrusters at the rear of the ship is the next target. Taking these down will effectively halt the ship, leaving more time for you to concentrate on the fighters, Daxterjacking, and trying to reach a better position. The thrusters are well-guarded by two turrets positioned directly above them however, so taking these out first is highly recommended without an approach that lets you avoid their line of sight.

After the thrusters are the remaining turrets before the ship itself can be boarded. Out of the eight total turrets there is one pair at the rear, previously mentioned, one pair at the deck and one pair each on a wing at the port and starboard sides of the ship. Destroy them all to enter the ship and confront Captain Phoenix.