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Blue ammo clip

A blue ammo magazine.

The blue mod is a Morph Gun mod in Jak II and Jak 3. It is powered by blue eco and focuses on a rapid rate-of-fire. It uses blue ammo magazines.

Vulcan FuryEdit

Vulcan Fury Morph Gun render

The Vulcan Fury

The Vulcan Fury, also known as the Vulcan Barrel, is a medium-range, rapid-fire, machine gun-like weapon, and the first weapon obtained for the blue mod. It works well in large groups of enemies, or enemies which take a particularly large number of shots to kill such as the juice goon and sling blaster. Similar to the yellow mod, the blue mod comes equipped with a laser sight for better precision. While the blue mod prevails in rapidity, it lacks in ammo consumption efficiency, although this can be upgraded in Jak 3 through the secrets menu.

Jak first obtained the Vulcan Barrel in Jak II from Torn before the mission "Protect site in Dead Town". He earned the Vulcan Fury from Damas in Jak 3 after "Defeat marauders in arena".

Arc WielderEdit

Arc Wielder render

The Arc Wielder

The Arc Wielder emits a thick, continuous stream of electricity, inducing electric shock into whatever or whoever it is passed through. Much like the Vulcan Barrel, it consumes ammo rather quick until upgraded. It can also be upgraded with the "robot shock" upgrade which increases the amount of shock into KG Death Bots.

Jak found this after battling a Precursor robot in the eco mine.

Needle LazerEdit

Needle Lazer render

The Needle Lazer

The Needle Lazer emits small spurts of heat-seeking blue eco bolts that can track down enemies within a short range. It is most effective against fast and flying enemies. It also consumes ammo quickly until upgraded via the secrets menu.

Jinx gives this weapon to Jak after the mission "Destroy eco grid".