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Hey! It looks like the Blue Sage threw a party!

— Samos Hagai, The Precursor Legacy

Blue Sage's hut is a location in The Precursor Legacy. It originally served as the home and laboratory for the Blue Sage before his disappearance. It later served as a temporary refuge for Samos Hagai and Keira Hagai while they assisted Jak and Daxter in their journey north.


Blue Sage's hut interior

The interior of the Blue Sage's hut.

The Blue Sage's hut is a wooden and metal two-story house in southern Rock Village. The hut is supported by a number of wooden support poles set out over a small rocky waterfall. The ground floor is surrounded by a wooden balcony. The hut appears to be outfitted with a device similar in appearance to the levitation machine. The interior of the hut consists of a single accessible room with a teleport gate, control panel and a bookcase. There are also several other notable items such as a tapestry depicting the levitation machine, a small fish bucket and a telescope set into one of windows overlooking Rock Village.


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