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The blade beater is an enemy in Jak 3. Part of the KG Death Bots, it is used to patrol and clear the Haven sewers underneath the Industrial Section of Haven City. Single-minded and lacking complex programming, these patrol bots travel along a set pathway in a couple of narrow corridors.


These robots have an octopus-like head, three arms and some sort of hovering mechanism allowing them to travel above the sewerage water. The legs spin, connected together under the head. The arms have razor sharp buzz-saws shred anyone or anything they touch.


You cannot defeat the blade beater as it is indestructible with Jak's arsenal. They are a hindrance intended only to stop anyone from reaching the switch in the middle of the room which unlocks the way ahead.

The route for each blade beater (three in total) is simple. There are three square layers in the room and only the middle one goes a different direction.