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Beat record time on the gorge was a mission in The Precursor Legacy that Jak and Daxter completed to obtain a power cell. The Gambler was in need of a comeback after his last lost wager on the fight between the Warrior and Klaww. He asked Jak to beat the record time in the Dead Man's Gorge race, which Jak succeeded in beating.

It is temporarily renamed to Return to the Gambler once the record time has been beaten, but without having returned to the Gambler for the reward.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Speedy Fast". Completing this mission will reward you with a silver Trophy.


00.01 second glitchEdit

To trigger the 00.01 second glitch, first do not attempt the race once, fail, then return to speak to the Gambler. Once this glitch is activated there is no way of completing the mission. If you have not got a second save, you will have to restart to get this power cell.

Note: It is unknown if this has been fixed in the Jak and Daxter Collection.

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