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Beat Cyber Errol boss is a mission in Jak 3. Cyber Errol revealed his plans to destroy the planet, forcing Jak to go and put a stop to him.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of this mission are related to a trophy named "Batter the Boss", completing this mission will reward you with a silver trophy.


Phase 1Edit

Cyber Errol will begin with launching simple grenades, dodge the target reticule on the ground to avoid them entirely. He then will spawn robo-goons and roboguards from the exit hole below the computer he is using, get rid of these. He then spawns a missile bot, smash it when it appears to cause it's thrusters to malfunction. Then punch it below the terminal Cyber Errol is using, causing it to fly up and explode in his face.

Phase 2Edit

This time his grenades cause a shockwave on impact, so jump up to avoid it. After a couple of those he will throw multiple smaller ones that destroy some of the floor panels, followed by more of the generic ones from phase 1. There's spydroids mixed in this time as well, plus they come from every direction now. The missile bot bit is the same, except there's now three of them

Phase 3Edit

The grenade part is the same as phase 2. There are more robots this time (including hover guards now), though they will not pose much of a problem if you can take them down quickly. Do the missile bot bit again to enter the fourth and last phase.

Phase 4Edit

This time the grenades are no different. The robots have been replaced with a couple of Dark Makers, namely the trooper and the hornet. The former has a powerful shield it uses to cover behind, force your way through this one quickly using your strongest weapons. The hornets are annoying flying enemies though they aren't much of a problem against the Needle Lazer. Deal with the missile bots one more time to defeat Cyber Errol.

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