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Barter is a minor support character in The Lost Frontier. He describes himself as a smuggler and "top dog" in Far Drop, and owns a tavern popular among the pirates there, as well as an orphanage, cabbage farm, and Far Drop's power plant. He assigned multiple missions to Jak, mainly centered around protecting his property from invaders.


When Phoenix sent Jak to Far Drop to get supplies for the Phantom Blade, Barter was the first to meet him there. After Jak inquired about the nearby silverbacks, Barter said that they had shown up a few months prior and that he had been fighting them "big time" ever since. He then offered Jak the supplies he needed in exchange for fending off the mutants.

Upon completing the job, Jak met Barter back at his tavern. Barter expressed his gratitude and described that he had already loaded the supplies onto his ship, but said he needed one last thing before Jak left. To "liven up" the bar, he requested that Jak instigate a bar brawl in exchange for scrap.

Jak and Daxter later returned to Far Drop by direction of the eco seeker in search of one of its coordinate spheres. Barter directed the duo to the Saucy Pirate who was in possession of the sphere, stating she was a good fighter but thought they could "persuade" her to give it up. This involved instigating another brawl, to Barter's profit.

Later on, the Aeropans invaded Far Drop, with commandos, gladiators, and sub-commanders attacking Barter's property. Barter devised a "master plan" involving Jak planting a bomb on the Aeropan dropship docked at Far Drop's wharf, directing his movements via communicator. Upon completion, Barter expressed jubilation at the success of his plan, but, also Jak's survival.


Barter is short and stout in stature. He possesses a distinct lurker physiognomy, including a pair of spurs on either side of his mouth and beady, yellow eyes. Otherwise, however, he is unique to his species, not quite matching a babak description, but still sharing a few characteristics. His fur is a light blue, opposed to maroon, with a dark blue neck beard and dark blue forearms. He wears a short-sleeve yellow and blue-striped shirt, with suspenders connected to a brown utility belt holding up his thick green pants.

Barter is one of only two lurkers known to speak, along with Brutter from Haven City. Similar to Brutter, he has a primitive, caveman-like dialect, often referring to himself in the third person or by using the word "me" in place of "I". However, his voice is much more gruff than his Haven counterpart, and his language seems less sophisticated, almost always accented with grunts and harumphs. Barter is also very grateful and rather adulatory towards Jak, much like Brutter, but differs in that he has a very short temper over the course of the missions.