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Badland Sanctuary is a combat racing track used in the Kras City Grand Championship during Jak X: Combat Racing. One of the longer tracks in the game, the sanctuary consists of only one lap in the circuit race. It leads through a lava-themed part of the Precursor Temple track, through said temple itself, the outskirts of Spargus City, and a drive through part of the city.


Spargus City (race track) render 1

Part of the Spargus City track.

The lava that is present around the area here does not pose a threat for the first stretches of the track, as the road will stay high and dry and walls will keep you from falling into the dangers around you. That is, until you reach the slanted half-oval (past the large hall that splits the path into three for a short few seconds). Stay clear of the lava in the center and on the edge lest you fall in and have to respawn.

Next up is the original Precursor Temple track with several wide square turns. Take care to use the various available jumps to avoid the flooded parts to avoid being slowed down. The temple area is exited soon enough, leading through a barren canyon and entering Spargus City shortly thereafter. [a] This part of the track offers the general cramped corners common to city tracks, but nothing else remarkable. When you enter the wide spiral tunnel you make an apex turn right and reach the finish line shortly after.

Notes Edit

  1. This part of the course also appears in Beachfront Drive as well.


Race event informationEdit

Game mode Eco cup Race event Medals req. Bronze goal Silver goal Gold goal Lap limit Time limit
Adventure mode
(Hero mode)
Green Eco Cup Circuit race 29 Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 1 None
Blue Eco Cup Death race 23 100
None 3:00
Exhibition mode Circuit race Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st 1 None
Death race 100 120 140 None 3:00
Freeze rally 2:50:00 2:30:00 2:10:00 2 None
Rush hour 200 240 280 None 3:00
Time trial 3:20:00 3:10:00 3:00:00 1 None
Turbo dash Rank 3rd Rank 2nd Rank 1st None 3:00