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The babak[1][2][3] is a type of lurker in The Precursor Legacy, Daxter, and Jak II.


The Precursor LegacyEdit

Lurkers on Misty Island

Lurkers on Misty Island

In The Precursor Legacy, babaks were used as the main infantry units of Gol Acheron and Maia Acheron's army.

They appeared to be fairly intelligent, as they utilized various primitive lurker vehicles, consisting mainly of balloons (see mine dropper). They were incredibly common and could be found almost anywhere, even in areas that were deemed uninhabitable like Fire Canyon and inaccessible like the lost Precursor city.

They attack by charging and hitting you with their fists, though they can easily be defeated with any attack or by hitting them with the A-Grav Zoomer.

DaxterJak IIEdit

Brutter from Daxter render

Brutter, a babak from Daxter and Jak II.

In Daxter and Jak II, babaks appeared to be the only surviving lurkers after the establishment of Haven City, aside from jungle fish. They were used as slaves, the only exception being a seemingly intelligent lurker named Brutter who owned a small business in the western Bazaar, as well as a decent sized fish cannery. Non-enslaved lurkers thrived in a lurker city until it was turned into a dig site by Baron Praxis.

After the events of Jak II, nothing was heard of Brutter or the other lurkers. During Jak 3, the lurkers appeared to be set free under the new command of Ashelin Praxis.



Babaks are red-violet/purple lurkers, closely resembling gorillas. Typical to all lurkers, they have a pair of appendages along each side of their jawline, yellow eyes, and a metallic collar. Their torso is very large, while their abdomen and the rest of their body is very thin. They also have a large dark purple mane growing up and over their heads (though Brutter grooms his into a more person-like combover).


Babaks usually lug around, walking on their two hind legs with their arms swinging as they walk. When they are in pursuit, they will go on all fours and gallop towards their target. If the soldier notices a target, but is unable to reach it, it will often beat its chest in frustration, similar to gorillas in real life.

In The Precursor Legacy, babak soilders did not really have any notable behavior, and were neutral to all other specimen besides humans, who they were hostile towards. They appeared to obey Gol and Maia without question, giving them an odd drone-like behavior.



The yeti.

The yeti[4] is the snow variant of the normal babak, found at Snowy Mountain. They have light-blue fur and thick clothes for protection against the cold environments. The lurker fort is their home.

Though they are relatively easy to defeat, they will spawn endlessly from the deep snow making them an annoying enemy. It is better to use roll jumps (L1+X while running), spin or punch attacks and push through their defenses and effectively get over their spawning point.

Behind the scenesEdit

Babak early concept art.png
Babak concept art.png

Early concept art of the babak by Mark Koerner (top), and finalized concept art of the babak by Bob Rafei (bottom).

Babak lurkers were designed as the prototype lurkers throughout The Precursor Legacy's development (pictured right top). They were designed as hulking purple beasts radiating with dark fumes. Later on, they were refined into the more upright design in the final game by Bob Rafei (pictured right bottom), whose native given name is Babak, from which the creatures derive their name.[5]


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