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The attack drone and its dark eco variant the psycho drone are racing weapons featured in Jak X: Combat Racing. Once engaged, this red eco pick-up will release a single anti-gravity drone that will hover above your vehicle and stay within close proximity, firing upon any opponent race cars that come close with a shower of rapid-fire bullets.


This weapon works primarily as a deterrent as it is not particularly strong, which is why it is designated as a red, defensive weapon (although one drone is still capable of taking out one whole opponent at full health, and the dark eco version is still noticeably stronger). Human opponents will quickly back off when using this weapon, though NPC opponents generally do not, though they still suffer the consequences.



To defend against this weapon (aside from pick-up solutions like the shield system or stronger, longer-range yellow eco weapons), it is better to reduce speed to let your enemy get far enough ahead of you than it is to try to out-race them using turbo boosts. However, even better would be to split ways with a racer using the drone, such as by taking a ramp, going around the other way, or if the track is wide enough simply increasing your lateral distance.


While this is a defensive weapon, skilled drivers can find a way to use this weapon strategically as an offense-based weapon. For example, in arena events, this weapon can be used to steal kills by bombarding two racers already battling each other and at low health. You can also deploy this weapon in cases where your target is unlikely to evade the weapon, such as in narrow straightaways.

Be careful that you do not deploy a drone as a response to a weapon that is stronger, such as the Vulcan Fury. If you do, still take care to avoid your attacker's line of fire—don't sit there expecting your attacker to be deterred before you blow up.