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Judgment missiles have multiple warheads that split up and seek out your targets. I'm pretty sure, no matter what you do, Judgment missiles will do a lot of damage.

The Armageddon, also called the Judgment missile, is a plane weapon featured in The Lost Frontier. Each warhead fired will split into three, each of which split into three again, after which each missile rapidly seeks out an enemy, exploding on impact. Entirely autonomous, the initial weapon is akin to the swarmer missile, except much more powerful and with an improved target-seeking ability. Alone and without upgrades the Armageddon scarcely scratches the surface of its true potential, lacking ammo capacity and reload speed. Eventually, loading additional weapons and with all upgrades (notably the very expensive fifth upgrade) it easily surpasses any other weapons in terms of damage and target seeking ability.

Armageddon icon

The Armageddon icon.

Although relatively low in ammo capacity and slow to reload, even the most powerful weapon will fall quickly to the Armageddon once fully upgraded. This is due to the unique infinite damage modifier, applying to each missile individually. The damage is not technically unlimited, but is so large each missile will keep going and seeking out targets until it either runs out or meets an enemy able to withstand it. Only the Aeropan transport has enough armor to withstand multiple Armageddon warheads, though each will take out massive swaths of its structural health, something only the ground attack rocket is otherwise capable of (to some degree).


Ground attack rocket render

The Armageddon's missile.

  • The Armageddon's primary missile is visually identical to the slow homing missile and the ground attack rocket.

Locations and availabilityEdit

Number How to get Location and availability
1 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Search research rig for Precursor facility".
2 Daxterjacking After the mission "Search research rig for Precursor facility".
3 Phantom Blade console After the mission "Stop the Behemoth".
4 Daxterjacking After the mission "Pursue Skyheed".
5 Daxterjacking Only available in Hero Mode, during the mission "Board the pirate galleon" at the earliest.