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The Arc Wielder is a weapon used by Jak during Jak 3. It is a large electrical current inducing weapon that is blue eco-powered. It is a blue mod Morph Gun weapon focusing on high-power, long-range force. Jak received the weapon after battling a Precursor robot in the eco mine.


The Arc Wielder keeps the heavy machine gun design from the Vulcan Fury, but adds another three metal plates to it, with a rotating torus-shaped device at the end. It also has three or four rotating mechanisms to create the powerful flow of electric current.


The Arc Wielder is a rather poor weapon against the majority of enemies on its own not to mention it also consumes ammunition incredibly fast. It has no useful wastelander combos, a limited range (although this is not commonly an issue) and there are better options to attack lone, grouped or flying enemies even with its slight auto-seeking tendency. It does have some use as a sweeper weapon, simply firing the weapon and spinning around to sweep floors clean, although in such cases the Wave Concussor might be a better option.

When it does truly excel however, is when you purchase the Arc Wielder's robot shock upgrade. This notably increases the damage output against all of the KG Death Bots' units, making it the best weapon by far against these robotic foes and also stuns them for a very short moment. Roboguards and hover guards will fall to a second of two or three of repeated fire and even the powerful blast bots (which cannot be stunned) cannot withstand the electric surge for very long.