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The alpha mutant is a boss-level enemy in The Lost Frontier. It is similar to the silverback, which it appeared to use against Jak as pawns around Far Drop before engaging him in a fight. Barter stated that it, along with the other mutants, had shown up a few months prior and that he had been fighting them "big time" ever since. He hired Jak to take them out in exchange for supplies, concluding with the bossfight.


The alpha mutant is a much larger, stronger, and more aggressive version of the basic mutant ape unit, and also has a much darker skin color with a purple hue, as well as glowing purple veins and patches of skin. It is also capable of directly using dark eco to its advantage, such as with the shockwaves and the glowing dark eco crystals on its back (which grow more and more red the angrier it gets when taking damage). This correlates with the fact that it is much more mutated than its other Far Drop counterparts.

The mutations may also be responsible for imparting an incredible jumping ability, able to leap forward and skip across large portions of Far Drop, as well as increased intelligence, shrewd enough to avoid confrontation and use environmental objects (such as barrels) to his advantage.[a]



  1. This is likely a reference to Donkey Kong from the Donkey Kong series.