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The Aeropan bomber is an enemy airship in The Lost Frontier. A highly specialized unit in the Aeropan Navy, it was deployed only once, in the mission "Find the third coordinate sphere" in Sector Zero, during which the ACS Behemoth ambushed the Phantom Blade.

Being a true tactical bomber, the craft purely served to attack enemy targets of direct military value, in this case the Sky Pirates' Phantom Blade, as opposed to the Aeropan heavy fighter (a true heavy fighter).

Design and combatEdit

The tactical bomber is closest in design to the Aeropan fighter, but noticeably upgraded. The cabin area is much taller and longer, and its secondary air intakes are split up into four as opposed to two, with an additional windshield, and a tail as opposed to a turret. Its wings are also considerably larger, with a jet engine placed at either wing's ends. Furthermore, its color scheme consists of a dark, slightly green-tinted silver, with minimal crimson trim. The overall ship is indeed much larger, about twice the size of the heavy fighter.

The ship possesses one single-barrel machine gun, unique to its type, shooting but one bullet at a time as opposed to two or more as observed in the fighter, heavy fighter, and Aeropan gunship. This gun has considerable power, dealing noticeable damage to the Blade over time, as well as significant damage to Jak's plane. It also has a secondary lock-on missile weapon, which it only occasionally launches at the Phantom Blade.[a] None of these weapons discharge from a visible weapon mount.

The tactical bomber does not directly target Jak, only possibly hitting him if he flies in its direct line of fire or if he significantly damages it. It will otherwise focus solely on the Phantom Blade, very slowly flying up to it and around its deck, pounding it with intermittent airstrikes. It is very slow in speed and turn rate, although does have a decent axial tilt in comparison to its other naval counterparts.


  1. It appears to be bugged, however, as it can only be observed flying around the deck without actually hitting the galleon.