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Dark eco is one of the six types of eco in the Jak and Daxter series. It is a dark, poisonous substance with the ability to transform, infect and sometimes kill any life form or object it comes in contact with. It is considered severely unstable, and the opposite of light eco. It is also responsible for Daxter's transformation from human to ottsel, and Jak's acquisition of dark powers. It was used throughout the series for various purposes including dark eco experiments on humans, weapons, currency, and fuel.

Dark eco is one of the few colors of eco known to crystallize. Dark crystalline constructs detonate upon or shortly after coming in contact with another object, though were only seen in The Precursor Legacy and The Lost Frontier. Dark eco crystals were used during Jak 3 to power the Planetary Defense System however, but did not act in the same way.

There were two known sages of dark eco in the series. In the past (during The Precursor Legacy), the sage of dark eco was Gol Acheron. In the future (during The Lost Frontier), Tym became the dark eco sage. Unlike Gol Acheron, Tym was not transformed by dark eco, nor did he appear to be affected by it in any way.

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